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iSCSI target software is a tool which converts a system hardware into storage devices which are able to receive messages from iSCSI initiator. In this way, iSCSI target software is an indispensable part of storage operating system, enabling communication between all devices within the storage network.

The key role of storage software is to provide the management and control of the whole system. The configuration of iSCSI target software in the most complex storage systems is not an easy task. However, in many cases, this configuration is simplified and can be done by a web browser.

One of the most important iSCSI target software feature is that it is available as an active-active high availability configuration. The high availability architecture provides continuous and non-disruptive access to storage in the event of failure of any node. The feature of high availability is achieved by synchronous replication of the data between two active storage nodes, all in real time.

High availability in ISCSI target software is important to IT professionals because it eliminates the risk of a single point of failure. This functionality also provides zero data loss and no downtime in the event of a failed storage node. If a node fails, the remaining iSCSI server storage node will take over and continue to operate without any disruption. The points that can fail are disk, power supply or even an entire storage server node, therefore the risk is greater in complex systems that have many devices. High availability software ensures that the iSCSI targets and the whole SAN system is available and accessible on the network.

An indispensable part of iSCSI target software is data replication. iSCSI targets are devices which store a lot of important data and even failover is not enough to protect them from unexpected disasters. For this reason, iSCSI target software contains tools for data replication, snapshots and backups of full volumes.